About Nadiya Day


I’m passionate about the body’s capacity for healing itself under the right circumstances and the wisdom it holds for guidance.

I have worked in the wellbeing sector for almost 30 years. Beginning in HIV and AIDS in the 1990’s and later working in breast cancer before setting up as a complementary therapist and wellbeing coach.

I trained as one of the first Feng Shui consultants in the UK and went on to run a space healing practice while living in Italy. Later discovering and training in Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, PSYCH-K and a host of other transformational and empowering energy techniques.

My quest is two-fold: discovering the simplest set-and-forget systems to support health and healing and fun and energy efficient tools and techniques for facilitating personal transformation. Always loving and favouring those that offer win-win-and even -win opportunities.

My aim is to support women to better cope with elderly parent stress by helping to clear inner and outer clutter and tap into their inner super-powers.


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