Attention Breath

The Attention Breath, the simple activity of feeling your breath at the tip of your nose, is a profoundly powerful and life transforming practice.  It strengthens your energetic immune system (the part of your energy system which protects you from ill health). It calms and empties your mind because the more your feel your breath, the less time you spend internally talking to yourself.

The quieter you are within, the more you are able to perceive, understand and do.  Using your attention breath sharpens your awareness.  It will guide you to make healthier choices and start to show you when you are doing things that are causing you to loose energy.

  • Return your focus to the breathe at the tip of your nose as many times a day as you can.
  • Keep the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth – up behind your front teeth – as often as possible.
  • Use Complete Breathing – fully inhale expanding your abdomen and then your chest.  Then fully exhale deflating your chest and then your abdomen.

This is one of those simple, life-changing techniques, that many  people never do because it seems too easy.  It’s simple because you can do it whenever you want, but the challenge lies in trying it out and making it a habit so you get to the point where you want to use it.

Action Steps
Decide when you can use the attention breath throughout your day – even if at first it’s only for a few seconds or minutes at a time.  Write it down, and, once actioned, tick it off.

Over several days experiment with what works best for you and then start to build on it.

As you begin to notice your level of awareness increase write down what you notice.  This will motivate you to use the attention breath more often.

How did you get on with using the attention breath.  What helped you to remember to use it?  Leave a comment below.

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Nadiya G Day

I've worked in health, healing and personal development for almost 25 years; in HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, home healing and more recently as a wellbeing entrepreneur specialising in energy psychologies. This site - Creative Stress Management - is a place for me to share issues, techniques, tips and tools that I'm most passionate. I'm inspired by approaches which are effective, leading edge and fun and offer return on investment by promoting health and revealing our innate brilliance.