How To Manage Stress At Work

A recent Stanford University study concluded that more than 95% of all disease is created by stress. Considering the average amount of time we spend working, this statistic means that our working environment has the potential to influence both our health and our pre-disposition to illness. From Striving to Thriving and From Stress to Performance […]

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Rebounding And Bouncing For Health

“Rebound exercise is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.” NASA Space Agency Rebounding is one of my all-time favourite forms of exercise.  I could fill a whole eBook with the benefits of rebounding.  I’ve had a rebounder for over 20 years and I’ve often wondered if there’s some kind of conspiracy […]

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How To Increase Your Antioxidant Scan Score

There are lots of ways you can help to increase your antioxidant scan score, many based on life-style choices you’re already familiar with. offers creative ways to address stress.  Stress is broadly defined as anything that contributes to free radical damage, weakens your immune and energy systems and cuts us off from our purpose […]

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Attention Breath

The Attention Breath, the simple activity of feeling your breath at the tip of your nose, is a profoundly powerful and life transforming practice.  It strengthens your energetic immune system (the part of your energy system which protects you from ill health). It calms and empties your mind because the more your feel your breath, […]

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The Benefits Of Buddy Work

Buddy is a term that is used in the world of scuba diving – where a good buddy can mean the difference between life and death.  Using a Buddy is a powerful model in personal and professional development because it recognises that we’re more effective when we team up and support each other. Buddy work […]

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