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Attention Breath

The Attention Breath, the simple activity of feeling your breath at the tip of your nose, is a profoundly powerful and life transforming practice.  It strengthens your energetic immune system (the part of your energy system which protects you from ill health). It calms and empties your mind because the more your feel your breath, […]

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The Benefits Of Buddy Work

Buddy is a term that is used in the world of scuba diving – where a good buddy can mean the difference between life and death.  Using a Buddy is a powerful model in personal and professional development because it recognises that we’re more effective when we team up and support each other. Buddy work […]

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The 3 Card Problem Solver

The way we view our problems and the constant questioning they provoke often causes as much stress as the perceived problems.  Also, the more stressed we become, the less we can rely on our ‘whole brain’ capacity to see the bigger picture and the deeper issues at play.  The Psychology of Vision 3 Card Problem […]

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Five Types Of Buddy

According to Chuck and Lency Spezzano, who spent 30 years developing the wonderful Psychology of Vision transpersonal model of healing, there are basically five types of buddies: The Like-Minded Buddy The buddy who feels very familiar. You both experience life in much the same way. You find it easy connect and communicate and are able […]

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