Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

“Most of our emotional and physical problems are caused
(or contributed to) by our unresolved specific events,
the vast majority of which can be easily handled by EFT.”
Gary Craig, originator of EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an easily learned, self-applied acupressure technique which involves tapping or massaging a series of points on the body while focusing on the issue or problem being treated. It uses the body’s own energy system to release negative physical and emotional symptoms – and stress.

Working on the energy circuit in this way allows blocks and limiting thoughts to be neutralised and shifts in perception to occur. Introducing and accepting new patterns of behaviour and installing new beliefs is then much easier.

EFT works on the body’s energy system. Each of the tapping points lies along one of the body’s many energy channels which are known as meridians and each meridian is energetically linked to an organ in the body. So EFT also gives your organs an energy workout, which is another reason why people have found it to address physical, as well as emotional, issues.

EFT is successfully used in areas of peak personal performance such as business, sport and education. It helps to address the root causes of self-imposed limitations and internal conflicts which tend to get in the way. It is also effective for dealing with self-esteem, conflict resolution, fears, phobias, addictions, weight loss and any issues where there is physical and emotional pain. EFT can be used in many situations at work and at home and is one of the quickest ways to treat tension and boost energy levels.

EFT is used in both a coaching and a therapeutic setting. The success of EFT is not dictated by the length of time that someone has had a problem. It is possible to work on issues which you feel are too personal to discuss. EFT is suitable for all age groups. Sessions can take place by phone, one-to-one or in groups.

The background to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

In 1994, EFT founder Gary Craig and his associate were invited by the U.S. Veterans’ Administration in Los Angeles to help treat a group of emotionally disabled Vietnam War veterans. They spent six days using EFT with these veterans and taught them to use it for themselves. Most of these men were still suffering from the trauma they had experienced during the war, in spite of undergoing many years of therapy – some over twenty years. Some of these sessions were filmed and are now used for educational purposes. The results of the visit were impressive. Hours of film footage shows how efficiently EFT is able to treat a range of issues such as trauma, phobia, insomnia and addiction, relationships – sometimes in moments. EFT is presently being used in numerous settings across the world, by adults and children.

Emotional Freedom Techniques research and studies

Some excellent results are being reported in the research studies being conducted worldwide on Emotional Freedom Techniques. For example a study at Curtin University in Western Australia found EFT to be successful in treating specific phobias more effectively and in a shorter period than traditional treatments.

Health and wellbeing professionals’ testimonials

Read what the experts are saying about EFT.

Have you tried Emotional Freedom Techniques before? If so how did you find it?  How do you think EFT could be useful in your life?

Nadiya G Day

  • Matt says:

    Hi Nadiya,

    Great article, that’s a very thorough and great explanation of EFT – I write about natural cures for depression, and have found EFT to be effective and fast in curing symptoms of depression.

    I’ve also found many people don’t believe in it because of how it ‘looks’.

    But I think your explanation of meridians and energy was spot on and is a good way to introduce the reason and way EFT works.

    Thanks again!

    • Nadiya G Day says:

      Hi Matt

      Thanks for visiting my site and for your lovely feedback. Your site looks great too, a lovely resource for depression.

      Keep in touch.

    • Nadiya G Day says:

      Many thanks for your comments Matt. I agree, I think EFT is a great support and can also be used to remove traumatic memories and release emotions so maybe depression can be prevented.

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