How To Create A Positive Day

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  Set the intention to actively create a positive day and to consciously set the tone for the way you want the day to unfold, rather than allowing it to happen by default.

Then find ways to program yourself so that the first thing you do when you wake up lifts your energy and helps you create a positive day.

Make the first thing you do or focus on each day totally positive and uplifting.  Whether it’s your first thought or action, or the first thing you see or hear, make sure it lifts your spirits.

The more senses you involve the more powerful it will be, so feel free to mix and match from the list below and be creative.  This practice provides a backdrop for the whole day to play out.

Some ideas on how you can create a positive day.

Thoughts – think of someone or something you love.  If you have a wellbeing goal, imagine yourself once you have achieved it and how uplifted you will feel.  Or, focus on something that causes you to feel appreciation and gratefulness.

Actions – say ‘I love you’ to someone or look in the mirror and say it to yourself.  At the same time open your arms in a welcoming embrace with your palms facing forwards and slightly upwards.  This position has been shown to strengthen the heart meridian and the immune system.  Or, take a deep, relaxed breath (open a window in the summer) as you take a long and luxurious stretch, while affirming something positive

Visual – have a photo or image of something you really love by your bed.  I often draw back the curtains to watch the sun rise as I recite a quote or affirmation while listening to music that reminds me of new beginning and possibilities.

Auditory – Get an alarm that allows you to wake up to music of your choice, something that moves your soul.  Alternatively, set up your iPod or CD so it’s ready to play something wonderful when you first wake up.  Don’t allow the first thing you hear when you wake up to be negative world news. (N.B. for reasons of electromagnetic radiation avoid having radio alarms too near to your head/brain, especially when sleeping).

Action Steps
Start to create your positive day tomorrow. Pick something that uplifts you.  Place prompts that you’ll see last thing at night and as soon as you wake up to remind you.

What ways did you choose to create a positive day?  Share your approach and let me know how you get on.  Leave a comment below.

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Nadiya G Day

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