Psychological Reversal – The Internal Saboteur

“When psychological reversal is present, it literally blocks progress.”
Gary Craig, originator of EFT

Psychological ReveHeld back by psychological reversal?rsal is estimated to affect around 40% of the population. Being psychologically reversed (PR) is like wanting to get to your destination while driving a car which keeps slipping into reverse gear.  Psychological Reversal is like an internal saboteur.

When psychological reversal is present it can block significant and permanent progress in all areas of your life. It often means that you continue doing things that are not necessarily in your best interest or the interest of your well-being, rather than the things you say you want to do.  This self-sabotage can set off a cycle of blame and shame.

Psychological Reversal is a major source of stress.

Psychological Reversal is often present when you:

  • have any kind of procrastination, addiction, depression or chronic stress
  • have repetitive blocks to progress in any area of your life
  • have slow or blocked psychological or physical healing
  • have an inability to find full enjoyment, peace and fulfillment in life
  • have chronic physical symptoms, prolonged illness or delayed healing and recovery
  • keep putting off something you really want to do
  • do things that get you in trouble at work or at home
  • do not do things that you know could be beneficial
  • let people take advantage of you
  • do things that go against your own wishes or values in order to avoid a perceived negative outcome
  • feel stuck or blocked

Psychological reversal is triggered by deep-seated beliefs in relation to the issue or problem you are addressing, such as identity, relationship, deservability, permission, permanency, possibility, safety, benefits, resources, deprivation, fear of change of lack of change and of the process.

Energy psychology tools such as PSYCH-K® (Psychological Kinesiology) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are great for correcting these saboteurs.

Where in your life do you think psychological reversal might be holding you back?  Have you found any successful ways to treat it?  I would love to hear your experiences.

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Nadiya G Day

I've worked in health, healing and personal development for almost 25 years; in HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, home healing and more recently as a wellbeing entrepreneur specialising in energy psychologies. This site - Creative Stress Management - is a place for me to share issues, techniques, tips and tools that I'm most passionate. I'm inspired by approaches which are effective, leading edge and fun and offer return on investment by promoting health and revealing our innate brilliance.