Rebounding And Bouncing For Health

“Rebound exercise is the most efficient and
effective exercise yet devised by man.”
NASA Space Agency

187017_sRebounding is one of my all-time favourite forms of exercise.  I could fill a whole eBook with the benefits of rebounding.  I’ve had a rebounder for over 20 years and I’ve often wondered if there’s some kind of conspiracy behind rebounding not becoming more popular – especially considering the above quote from NASA!

When it comes to health rebounding offers tremendous return on investment because it uses three powerful forces – acceleration, deceleration and gravity – and it exercises every cell of the body.  This means that it stimulates the lymphatic system (sometimes  referred to as the foundation of health) which is responsible for removing toxins.  It’s also a great time-management tip because 5 minutes rebounding is equivalent to a 30 minute walk and 10 minutes rebounding gives the same benefits as a 30 minute jog – without the skeletal shock.

For inspiration and knowledge I recommend you read the excellent book   Jumping for Health by the medical doctor Morton Walker.

If you decide to go ahead and get a rebounder it’s really important to invest in a reputable brand and ensure that it’s able to take your weight.  I’ve had my PT Bouncer for years and gave one to my 84 year old mother who rebounds every morning with the help of a support bar.

You can even use a rebounder if you’re in a wheelchair by having someone gently bounce while you rest your legs on it.  This provides vital lymphatic stimulation which is often challenging with or without disability.

I also love the added features you get with the Cellerciser (although it’s quite expensive).  I’ve heard the Juice Master range is quite good too.  Some of the cheaper options will be safe and effective and some won’t.  A couple of friends got cheaper models which broke.  Do your own research and go with a reputable model that you’re confident in, which suits your needs and budget.

Alternatives To Rebounding

If you’re not yet ready to invest in a rebounder you can still benefit from doing some light bouncing.  Watch this short video by Norman Shealy MD, who’s a great advocate for health (unfortunately the sound quality is rather poor).  I was thrilled to hear him advocate what I’ve been been saying for years about using rebounding in organisation to improve productivity!

I would love to hear how you get on with rebounding or the other techniques mentioned above or any similar tips you have for boosting the lymphatic system.

Nadiya G Day