Reprogram Your Stress Response With The OMG Points

Reprogram Your Stress ResponseTwo acupressure points called the frontal eminences, are situated on your forehead.  Holding these points diffuses the fight-or-flight reflex and allows you to reprogram your stress response.  It stops the blood from leaving the forebrain and draws it back, allowing you to think more clearly and cope more effectively.

We instinctively know to put our hand on our forehead at times of concentration, stress or shock, which is why these points are sometimes referred to as the ‘Oh My God’ points.

You can use the Oh My God’ (OMG) points when feeling overwhelmed or at times of strong emotion such as anger, panic, resentment.  These points help release a memory’s emotional grip and accumulated stress from past events.  They also promote increased energy and health.  As with all the energy psychology approaches it doesn’t matter how recent or old the issue is.  Below are the instructions.

  • The points are situated on either side of your forehead above the centre of each eyebrow, halfway to the hairline.  You might find a slight bulge at each point.
  • Lightly place the finger pads of each hand on each side.  For comfort you can place your thumbs on your temples or use your palm to cover the whole forehead.
  • Close your eyes and hold the position while bringing the situation to mind.  Allow yourself to sink into the negativity and unpleasantness of the feeling or the memory.  Breathe deeply and relax into it.
  • As the blood returns to the fore brain you will begin to feel clearer as you release the emotion or memory’s grip.
  • Repeat daily with a single negative memory, until it creates no stress response.  You can do this for 3-5 minutes or for as long as you like.

Action Steps
To make using the OMG points a habit try them out daily on something that is causing you irritation, anxiety or a strong emotion.  Using them before bed to clear your head of any ‘niggles’ can promote a better quality of sleep.

Do any recall instinctively holding your OMG Points to reprogram your stress response? Leave a comment below.

Nadiya G Day

  • Yena says:

    Can this be done on daily basis? I feel like my brain is draining a bit every time I face a lot of work loads and new spread sheets. And being a mom is completely a very tormenting task that makes every woman sick and extremely tired.

    • Nadiya G Day says:

      Hi Yena – yes, this can be used as often as you like. You can use it on situations that drain your energy – like your work load and also on any underlying fears you have. Or just use it as an opportunity to take some time out for yourself.

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