Success Coaching

The Success Coaching Body-Mind Approach

Success Coaching is different from other coaching because it uses various body-mind and energy psychology techniques to create the positive change you desire and to align your whole-self in the process.  Sessions can also be used therapeutically to explore and understand underlying, core issues which are triggering anxiety, stress, fear and procrastination.

The Benefits of Success Coaching

Success Coaching Sessions provide you with tools which get your energy and subsequently your life in flow.  Together we use approaches which ensure your conscious and subconscious minds are on the same page – so you are not ‘trying’ to accelerate through life while at the same time applying the brakes.  You’ll learn how to move out of stress mode and into the resource-states where your ‘whole-brain’ is supporting you.

Sessions can also be used to release residue energetic trauma which can remain in spite of years of talk-therapy and must be released, via the body’s energy system, in order to be able to transform problems and move forward.

Your Success Coaching Session can be used for the following:

Goals & Dreams … Fears & Phobias … Energy & Vitality … Confidence …Stress & Anxiety … Performance Pressure … Habits & Behaviour … Core Beliefs & Psychological Reversal …Health &  Wellbeing Issues …

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Your Body-Mind System Efficiently Removes The Obstacles To Success

  • Replace self-limiting beliefs with life-enhancing ones
  • Ensure psychological reversal is not blocking your success
  • Pinpoint and release any ‘trapped’ emotions or traumatic memories
  • Gain insight into the root causes of your problem or situation
  • Highlight the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and the best order to change them
  • Decipher the messages your body is trying to communicate through ill health and events
  • Discover your subconscious beliefs and ensure they are supporting, rather than conflicting with your goals and choices
  • Check which core beliefs you already installed and which beliefs are holding you back

What Are Success Coaching Sessions Like?

Sessions last 75 minutes by phone or Skype.  Each session is completely confidential.  We work in partnership, at a pace that feels right for you and at a level you are comfortable with.  It is also possible to share Success Sessions with friends or colleagues is also possible.  Contact me if you require further information about how we work together to create the change you want or if you are interested in group sessions.

How Many Sessions Shall I Book?

Sessions can be booked individually or in blocks of three.  It is up to you how you use your session.  You can book sessions:

  • as and when needed to work on specific, one-off events which are causing stress or anxiety, such as interviews, meetings, breakups, relocation, traumatic incidents or to help cope with life-change
  • to learn a range of effective techniques and strategies so you can deal with stress creatively and transform emotional challenges
  • as a block to work in depth on more complex issues or problems
  • to provide ongoing support in the form of wellbeing coaching; to work on goals, limiting beliefs, chronic stress and changing habits  in order to reach new levels of health and performance

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Success Coaching Action Steps

Making An Appointment
Please note that due to other business commitments, I now work with a limited number of clients each month on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you would like to book a Success Coaching Session contact me to check availability.

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Answer 9 Questions To Get The Most From Your Success Coaching Session And Create The Change You Want

Answer 9 questions to help you to get focus and clarity on what you want from your Success Coaching Session and to enable you to work more effectively to clear blocks and beliefs that are obstacles to your success.  To answer the questions click below:
9 Questions To Get The Most From Your Success Coaching Session And Create The Change You Want

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