Success Coaching Clarity Questions

9 Questions To Get The Most From Your Success Coaching Session And Create The Change You Want

Below are 9 simple questions to help you to focus and gain clarity on where you are now, where you want to be in your life.  The questions will help to highlight the areas where you may have core beliefs and behaviours that are getting in your way and also where you may be psychologically reversed.

These Success Coaching questions will help you to:

  • Discover any hidden and core issues
  • Prioritise what you want to work on
  • Check if your problem is a solution to another problem
  • Become solutions focused
  • Measure your successes
  • Consider your unique gifts, life path and soul purpose

By taking a moment to answer these questions your super conscious mind or higher self will begin to find answers and offer you insights to guide you on how to most efficiently clear the problem or issues you choose to work on.

The final question is in some ways the most important.  It is your ‘why’.  Discovering your ‘why’ can help you to clear problems.  Sometimes it can  also be the reason problems are there in the first place – to gently nudge us to remember our worth and our path.

To get the most from answering these Success Coaching questions create some quality time and get yourself some paper, a notebook or a voice recorder.

In a moment your going to prepare and centre, but first get clear on your intention for doing this.  Eg to get clarity, insight and answers to help you quickly and easily resolve the issue.  Just state your intention.

When you answer the questions just go with whatever comes up first.  No-one reads this but you.  Just write down whatever comes to mind without judgement or editing and make a note of any emotions or body sensations that you notice when doing when answering.

Take a few moments to centre by taking a few gentle, relaxed breaths.  Imagine breathing through your heart as you focus on appreciation for something you love in your life.  Now you are centred you can begin.

Question Number 1
If there was an event (or person) in your life you wish had never happened and you could skip what would it be?

Question Number 2
If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?

Question Number 3
What would you be focusing on or spending time on if you weren’t managing or worrying about this problem?

Question Number 4
If you didn’t have this problem in your life anymore what would your life look like?
What would you be doing?
How would you feel?
What would happen?

Question Number 5
What is already working? What successes have you had in dealing with this problem so far?

Question Number 6
If you changed just one thing in order to have the biggest impact on your emotional and physical health and wellbeing what would it be?  What one precise action step can you do now to start that change process?

Question Number 7
How will you know when your issue has been resolved?  If you solved this problem, what difference would that make?  Imagine you wake up and your problems have magically disappeared, how will you know that a miracle has had happened?  How will you and those around you behave differently?

Question Number 8
To help you get closer to your desired state what do you need to:
Start doing?
Stop doing?
Do more of?
Do less of?

Question Number 9
What two main qualities/gifts/abilities do you enjoy bringing to the world?

You can return and review these questions as many times as you want.  By doing so you might get more insights into some of your answers during the day or at night through your dreams.

I would love to hear some of the answers, insights or clarity that you got from doing this Success Coaching Focus Session.  Let me know in the comments below.

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